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Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, similar questions have already been answered. If you can't find the answer, please contact our support.

  Access Get Password and Remove questions

Q. I have tried to remove the MDB file password and got the error message about permissions to use the object. What should I do ?

A. The full message is: "You do not have the necessary permissions to use the object. Have you system administrator or the person who created this object establish the appropriate permissions for you." The file is not accessible. There are common causes : The MDB file is already opened with another program (MS Access for example). You do not have permission to work with MDB objects (it is not password protection cause, it is groupware politics instead). Your MDB file was damaged or have bean changed by the third party applications and cannot be opened by MS Access.

In case when MDB file is opened in another software, close it and repeat the password recovery attempt... In most cases to operate with files you should have certain access rights (read, write...) to the file system objects (MDB file in this case). If the MDB file has been created by another user, you should get the enough permissions to access it. Otherwise you should be the computer OS Administrator to operate with object. However in some cases the damaged MDB files also can call similar errors at the processing. If you still have difficulties, please upload your damaged mdb to our repair service using special MDB Repair Assistant to our support team.

Q. I have tried to recover the password from my system Access database (.mdw .mda).
Why this tool can't help me ?

A. You should have the the owner information for your database to open it - user name and security ID. You will not get the password, but will be able to create such user in your current Access installation and open the file.

Password recovery is working fine but Access Get Password and Remove can not remove the  password to MS Access MDB file. What's wrong ?

A. Access password recovery and password removing are different procedures. Password recovery is independent process which can be done using Access Get Password and Remove software only. But Access password removing phase is using the connection to Access JET Database. It can not be done if there is no MS Access or JET Database drivers installed at your system. Access Get Password and Remove is not hacking tool, so we can not allow our software remove the password using not standard methods.

  Recovery Assistance questions

Will you guarantee the 100% data recovery ?

A. No, it is unfair to guaranteed you the recovery of 100% data. Some data will be lost for ever. It is very rare case when it is possible to recover whole information.

Q. Why is my software no more working with recovered database ? I have opened it with MS Access and it contains a lot of data, but program tells me that password is incorrect and database is damaged.

A. Recovery process is quite complex. It is unable to recover all data in most cases, so if the program is linked to database objects which are not recovered, it can not work with database. If you have the backup file, you can move recovered data from repaired MDB file to a backup. After that you will get the working example of database with actual data.

Q. How does this Access Recovery Assistant work? It feels like I upload the file, it gets recovered, and then a payment needs to be produced or the recovered file never comes my way, correct?

A. You are almost right. You upload the file, it gets recovered, the recovery report is being sent, you evaluate it, if the price and the quality is suitable for you, than after the payment you receive the recovered file.

    Questions about the PST / OST recovery (Outlook and Exchange)
How to recover damaged Microsoft Outlook PST database?

Q. Using the Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool to recover a *.pst or offline folder *.ost file.
How to find the Outlook file for recovery.
Where to find and how to run the ( scanpst.exe ) Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool.

The best way to recover damaged data:
You can supply the recovery request and send it to our support team, upload damaged file using Recovery Assistant utility and get the report about recovery result. Then you can pay for the service and get the link to download recovered file or to decline the recovery. You can evaluate this service for free.

You can try to perform the manual recovery using the Microsoft Inbox Repair tool
as it described in this article.

Q. How to recover repaired items of Microsoft Outlook PST database?
Q. How to Create a New Personal Folder (.pst) File in your current profile.
Q. How to Recover Items from the Backup Personal Folders File

A. You will find the answer on the following page.

Q. How to recover orphaned PST / OST file which is 2Gb or more?
Q. How to find the Microsoft cropping tool.
Q. How to use the cropping tool.

A. Please refer to this page to solve the problem with oversized PST file.

    Common questions

Q. How to make a screenshot
A. Screenshot is a copy of computer's screen. To make the screenshot you should:
1. Select the program window you want to make a screenshot of.
2. Press the "Print Screen" (*) key on the keyboard. It is usually labeled as Print Scrn, Prt Scrn or Prt Sc. This will copy an image of the screen into the Windows clipboard (computer's memory).
3. Open a graphics editing program (for example, Microsoft Paint).
4. Paste the image into the graphic editor window. (**) You can use the menu Edit | Paste command or press the Ctrl+V keys combination.
5. Save the image in JPG, GIF or PNG format.

* - you can press the Alt+Print Screen keys combination to capture the program window instead of full screen.
** - you can adjust the compression settings or crop only the necessary area of the screenshot in a graphic editor.

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